Dost empower underprivileged children, youth and women to grow ahead in life by giving them applicable education, providing them innovations in healthcare facilities and livelihood programs that are focused on the market.


To work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every Child, Women etc..

our programs

We are working on child edication, anty dowery programs, child marriage and women empowerment

Help & support

Need your help and support , so we can reach each and every needy childs to make their live educated..


Who we are

Tulsi Dayal



Under Trust Dost

  • Employment To all Hands
  • Shelter To Homeless
  • Life With Self-Respect
  • Give Work, Not Give Alms.
  • Environment

    This story goes back to the proverbial wisdom of ‘if life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it..’ Goonj innovatively turned a potential problem of used flex banners, on its head by creatively using this waste to.


    These are ironic times that we live in.. on the one hand, the country grapples with massive flooding in some states and on the other hand several other states reel under severe drought. Farmers are driven to..


    An innovative idea born out of need. Sujni is the traditional cloth quilt of rural India layered with tattered and shredded pieces of clothes stitched together. It’s used as a quilt in winters and as a mattress in summers..


    Dost (Dayal Educational Organisation and Social Welfare Trust) working towards unemployment in rural areas to empowering women as wel as Men..

    Disaster relief

    India experienced 167 instances of cold waves, the highest in 13 years last year. Millions of homeless people, children and those affected by the floods this year will be facing a tough..


    The fight for the right to clean air is behind the goal of Dost A non-profit organization that believes in standards in order for people to breathe pure air, a right, not a luxury..


    School to School builds a relationship of empathy and dignity between urban and rural children, on two opposite sides of a big divide of resources and opportunities. Urban..